Friday, June 29, 2007

Good News!

There is no torn meniscus or ligaments in my knee!

Essentially, there is inflammation, scar tissue and strained ligaments from overuse. A lot of technical terminology that I will bypass for layman's terms. I am to keep the appointment with Dr. Yamomoto, the arthroscopic surgeon as he may want to give me a cortisone shot and send me to PT for the laser and electronic therapies that they can offer. My treatment for now is as follows: Aleve and Advil to reduce inflammation, Vitamin C to help absorb and build tissue, and Arnica Gel to help reduce inflammation and achyness.

While we are in Texas I am to rest. Apparently it is all the pounding that is the issue. When I return I will participate in the Rainier to Pacific relay and go to my next Doctor's appointments and follow their orders.

I did run last night, 2+ miles, a quarter mile at a time, slowly and stopped at over two miles with NO PAIN! I was very excited and did not want to push it, so I called it a day. A blessing.

Grace and peace to you.
(I am feeling a bit more peaceful)

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Mini Update

After running on Saturday and having an achy IT all day, I decided that first thing Monday Morning I would ask for an MRI just to get it over with and get on with recovering if it involves anything more invasive.

My parents were in town for my daughter's birthday party on Sunday so things were quite busy. Monday was my son and husband's last day of school. So as everyone headed out, my parents and I went out for a nice breakfast before they left for Portland.

Before that though, I called my doctor as she starts seeing patients at 7am. I thought i'd just leave a message, but she answered the phone. She said she'd fax over the MRI order to the same place I went last time...Prosports Imaging and that I could call later in the day to schedule the MRI. Whew. That was the hardest part. Acknowledging that it might just be more that the IT.

Later on Monday I was able to schedule an MRI for Tuesday (yesterday) and a tentative appointment with my orthopedic surgeon at the same location as the MRI facilities for mid-July. Hopefully I won't need to keep this appointment.

The technician said they would send the report to both Dr. Doyle who ordered the MRI and my Surgeon, Dr. Yamomoto and that Dr. Doyle would share the results with me. I have an appointment with her on Friday. Last time, she called me at home to let me know the results. So maybe later on today I'll know the verdict.

Meanwhile, I did run on Monday. 1/4 mile run, 1/4 mile walk with the run as slow as I could go. I have a garmin now, so I tried to keep the pace at 11:00 minute mile. SO I ran for about 3ish minutes and walked for about 5 minutes. Unfortunatley, the pain still was there after a mile and a half of running. I walked longer and ran a bit more, stopping as soon as I felt any discomfort. I managed to squeak out a bit more bofore just walking home.

Yesterday I opted for spinning. This I will continue as I can get a good hard workout in without any pain. Plus, I am registered for at least one triathlon this summer.

So, a bit of an update. I am struggling with not running. I feel fat to say it bluntly. I weigh the same, even less maybe, but I have lost muscle. So I will lift weights that don't bother my knee and cross train to keep up my fitness. I'll post again as soon as I know the MRI results. I don't want anyone to fall off the edge of their seat.

Grace and peace to you.

Saturday, June 23, 2007

On the Road Again

I know it's been a while, it's just been so hard to write when I can't run and I don't want to be a whiner.

I have spent time concentrating on other things, like finishing out the school year. I was happy with the way things ended this semester. Less failures, more undeserved grace ( and some deserved) handed out to get kids to pass my class. And so another school year is in the books.

Ahhhh, vacation. Except it does not feel that way. School ended on Wednesday, but I had two work days. One is regular and one was a make-up day from the Flood day we have in November or the Power outage in January. Take your pick. The students did not have to make it up, but teachers did in order to be paid.

So, today I spent trying to get ready for my daughter's 5th birthday party tomorrow. Although first my husband and I had to go pick out a new refrigerator. On Thursday I opened it up and it was not cold. The no frost freezer was quite frosty. It seems to be dying. So, lots of money later, a new "trio" will arrive on Tuesday. This is one of those with the "french" style doors on top and the drawer style freezer on the bottom. After we paid for it, the lady at Sears said this was one of the fridges they use in the Extreme make-over show. I am a huge fan so I thought that was pretty cool. I am excited. Then, as i was cleaning the kitchen, somehow, I managed to break the carafe to my coffee pot. I was feeling pretty stressed after just spending that much money on a fridge, and now my lifeline, the coffee pot was dead too. We have had the pot for about 7-8 good years. So I had to head out to Costco to buy a new one. I decided to get a stainless steel one to match the new fridge, so something in the kitchen would match the fridge. I found a Cuisinart one that was under $100.00 and went for it. Now I am hoping nothing else breaks!

As for running. Last Friday I got the go ahead to run a quarter mile at a time. There was no mention of if this meant a quarter mile total or what. So I took it for a quarter a mile run, walk a bit then another quarter mile! So on Monday I tried it out and walked 100 yards in between my quarter miles. After 1 mile I had knee pain (IT). I was depressed after so much time off. SO when I went back on Wednesday, the doctor worked some other areas that cross over with the IT. She gave directions to try again on Thursday. If I could go further this was a good sign. If not, MRI time. So I was ecstatic when I ran over 1 mile with no pain. I actually made it 2 miles before I had knee pain. I took this as a good sign. That is until it happened again today when I ran. 2 miles only. I am considering calling the doctor on Monday and asking for the MRI referral to my orthopedic who did my knee surgery almost 2 years ago. I just want to get it over with if there is a problem. Until then, I will take Linda's advice ( others offer advice too please!!!!) run a quarter mile and walk a quarter mile build up super slow. Maybe one minute run and 2 minute walk?

My patience is wearing thin. I think of Joe and to persevere. There are so many who have gone before and are excellent examples to follow. It is harder when you have to follow. I have promised to follow the doctor's orders and I am. I will be patient. I will persevere. With God's grace I will.

Grace and peace to you.

Monday, June 11, 2007

Still Practicing my Patience

It's been another week of no running.

I'm getting itchy to run and a bit lazy too. If that makes any sense.

Thursday I had xrays taken and Friday I went to my chiropractic Sports physician for the verdict. No aparent acute fracture, but I still am supposed to not run for a week. On Friday the 15th she will then reassess and decide if I need an MRI to check for ligament damage and/or bone chips.

Yesterday I did a spin class. It bothered my ankle on the standing climbs. I think it was just having shoes on. I've been trying to wear Birkenstocks that are loose. It pinched on the top of my foot and on the side where it is still a bit swollen. I also could tell that I have lost fitness. I only made it 40 minutes of the 45 to 60 minute options.

I was good with the no running until today. I decided to go to the Y with my 7 year old son and walk a lap, run a lap. He's been begging to go up on the track and kids aren't allowed without a parent. So we did. Besides, I wanted to check out a few things, one, how does my ankle feel, two, how is my knee fairing with almost a month off? and three, I wanted to actually run in my pair of Brooks that I am testing.

So, the ankle felt okay, stiff and sore, but nothing worse than it already feels like all day. The shoes felt great, but my knee still hurts. I ended up with 5/6 of a mile running and about the same walking, alternating run one lap, walk one lap. It is quite depressing. I had my hopes up with so much time off that it would be good, no pain. No such luck. The pain was my IT, right leg on the outside of my knee. I've had two weeks of therapy, 4 sessions total. I am about to ask for an MRI on my knee, just to rule out a tear and calm my nerves. I am also getting fearful of not being able to run in the Rainier to Pacific Relay. I already have given up two events. I don't want to miss another. (a little pity party for me).

So it's rough this patience thing. I am having a tough go of it. I don't want to hurt anymore, in my ankle, but especially my knee.

I fell that God gave me the ankle injury as a sure way of forcing me into resting. I guess I better listen. I promise to really only to bike, swim, eliptical and the stregth excercizes I am supposed to do until I get Doctor's permission to run.

Patience is so hard to learn and accept. Keep me in your prayers! I need them!

Hope all is well with you in your running and in your life!

Grace and Peace to you.

Friday, June 1, 2007

Therapy Underway

My first session with my Chiropractic sports physician on Wednesday was good. 45 minutes of evaluation and work.

I had my first knee adjustment. She sort of yanked on my lower leg like they do when it is your whole leg if you've had that done, but just focusing on the knee. She also did some active release and stretching of the IT.

Because of the sprained ankle, she wasn't able to watch me run or have me test out the kinesio tape that she did on my knee. Oh well. We chatted when I arrived about how I have been using the kinesio tape and taping myself. We talked about how the book I had bought, she had too, and we both decided it had little value and pretty much sucked. I have used it and modified several tape jobs. I must say it did come in handy this week as it did have a tape job for lateral sprained ankles.

The Doc decided towards the end of the session to try a "finger" like tape job over the ankle to help the lymph and reduce swelling and bruising. It looks like a basket weave on my ankle. feels good though. Other than lots of curious questions about what is on my foot.

Today's session was all business. It was torture day. She used the Graston tools. This is a heavy metal tool that is rubbed over the skin to get the scar tissue loosed up to separate the muscles and nerves to work properly( in a nutshell). Anyway, it can hurt like the dickens, but I know it does so much good. I'll be very bruised and sore from it tomorrow. She did this up and down the side of my right leg, quad, IT and hamstring. She then taped the entire IT with the kinesio tape. Oh, I also had my pelvis adjusted. It was a good, grueling half hour. I know a ton of good was done and I am on my way towards healing.

For my ankle, I am supposed to try to walk a bit on my toes. I can a bit. Not much. If I go too high it really pinches the back and under the ankle. If I cannot do this to her satisfaction on Monday, she wants x-rays. So, this is my goal this weekend. To be able to do these toe walking, toe lifts with relatively no pain by Monday. Keep the prayers flowing.

I did go against doctors orders and ran a bit on Thursday. My ankle felt very tired and just felt swollen. It was achy. I stopped after a mile. That was all I would allow myself, but my knee(IT) was stabbing me with pain anyway and I couldn't have gone farther even if I wanted too.

Not running for so long is hard. Plain hard. I feel like a slob. I let Michelle S. have my relay spot. It is hard, but good. I probably would have tried to run a leg even if I did go just to watch. So I won't even go along for the ride. There's no room in the van anyway. So, it is a good choice.

I'll decide next week about Lake Youngs Ultra on the 9th. Maybe I could try a loop. Or walk a loop. Who knows. Maybe I can transfer it to next year. We'll see. I don't really think I could manage 28+ miles on the ankle let alone the knee.

So, I'll go to coffee on Saturday and spend the day in the garden, a different hobby that needs attention. Sunday I 'll go to church and to my nieces 6th birthday party. I'll enjoy the other blessings of my life and be thankful for them and all the other gifts I have been given. I will continue to be patient and follow the doctors orders. It is a tough path, a path that needs my attention, a sometimes ugly and weedy, rock strewn path that I'll spend some sweat on for as long as it takes. It is my path though and I am thankful for it.

Grace and peace to you.