Monday, May 28, 2007

Patience Can Be a Difficult Lesson to Swallow

I haven't had a lot to say in the last few weeks. It has all come to a stand still for me though.

After the Tacoma City Marathon I was feeling fine except for a tight Adductor/hamstring. I had planned to take a full week's rest.

My husband was going to be out of town for 8 days on a golf trip with friends and then taking his golfer to the Washington State High School Boys Golf Championships. So it would be a good time to just relax and hang out with the kids.

Last Monday, the 21st, I tried to run at the Y on the indoor track. After about a mile and a half, I noticed a twinge in my right lateral knee. That, along with being sick of running on the indoor track on beautiful days, sent me downstairs to ride a bike for a change.

I took the next few days of and ran again on Thursday night at the high school track. I went early to try to get in some extra miles before others showed up. What happened was, again after about a mile and a half, I had stabbing knee pain in my right lateral knee. It freaked me out. It was the same type of pain, in the same place that I experienced two years earlier in my left knee that led to arthroscopic surgery for a torn meniscus.

So, I ended up walking three miles with Wendy who had run earlier in the day and was happy to walk.

I came home totally bummed. I had my husband make an appointment with our Chiropractic sports physician for Wed. the 30th. She is a great Dr. who combines Active Release Therapy, chiropractic, kinesio taping and whatever else magical she can whip up. I am praying for it to only be my IT.

So I spent Thursday night and Friday massaging and kinesio taping it up to try and help it along.
Saturday I planned a short run from the Y to the lake and back for not more than two miles, just in case I needed to walk. I went slow and took it easy. It began to bother me after 15 minutes, but subsided after a couple of minutes. It was not the stabbing pain I had earlier in the week either. This cheered me some, but it began to bother me again by the time I arrived back at the Y. I went inside and rode a bike for another 20 minutes.

I have a relay next weekend, June 2nd and I signed up for the Lake Youngs Ultra the next week on June 9th. Here's the kicker. Sunday, as I was walking across a parking lot with my son, over a grassy knoll to a crosswalk, I somehow miss-stepped alongside a man-hole cover and sprained my right ankle. Luckily there was a pole there for me to catch myself from falling and for me to catch my breathe. I frightened my son as I held on to that pole for dear life saying "Oh, my God, Oh my God Oh, my God." over and over. He didn't really understand that I had hurt myself. I didn't know if I could walk, or if I should try to get help from someone. I sucked it up and found that I could walk, barely. An hour later I was home after finishing the errand mind you. I had my husband get ice and 4 Advil and put it up for and hour. It was already quite swollen and I could see the bruising beginning.

Later in the evening I got out a pair of crutches just to be able to keep off of my foot. I didn't know what was going to happen. I felt horrible that I might have to give up the relay and the ultra. I still might have to. I haven't had an injury like this since high school, playing soccer.

Luckily, Monday Morning I was able to bear weight and walk with a limp. It is still very swollen and bruised around the outside of my ankle. I have been and will continue RICE.
I will try to run on Thursday and make a decision then about the relay. I think we had discussed if someone had to drop, the team would not pick up an alternate, but just others would run more legs. I would still like to go and cheer on my team if I cannot run. Then see what the ankle is like the next week to try for the ultra, or a portion of it. That would make almost 4 weeks without significant running before the ultra. But hey, if Rob can do it, so can I.

So, patience is my lesson, patience to get back on the right track and to heal. To seek God's wisdom in which and how many events I should take on. I have been doing what I felt I could, perhaps too much so close together. But it is so difficult when you see that others can do it. I should be able to as well. But there are different plans for different people. I need to go by what is right for me. I will draw upon the strength of others gone before who have persevered in trying times and will rely on my faith to pull me through this rough spot. There are many examples out there of people who have endured much worse only to come out of it stronger and more determined. This is just a minor setback and a reminder to me to rest, to take it easy. To focus on my family for a while and to heal. God works in mysterious ways. I am reminded of his power and his shepherd's crook at times like this. I am being hooked prodded to go in a different direction, through a route I am seemingly reluctant to go. To get back on the path in which I am meant to be. Now I must give in and go, patiently healing, planning, praying and getting to where I need to be.

Grace and Peace to you.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Tacoma (Extremely Hilly) City Marathon

Wow. I hurt all over. I just got out of a 25 minute cold bath, then a hot shower.

Let's just say that I knew this was a hilly marathon, but, man was it hilly! My hamstrings are killing me!

I had no goal in mind for this race due to the hills. I lined up wit the 4:00 pace group and decided I'd stay there as long as I felt comfortable. The pacer started out FAST! I started my watch as I crossed the start area and my watch read 7:38 at mile 1. Holy Moly! I just let them go ahead and eventually caught( she slowed down) up to the group around mile 5. I stayed with them till the first big hill inside Point Defiance park and knew I wanted to take it easy as this would be 5 miles of hills. It was mile 11-15.5 ish

Not soon after passing the 16 mile marker I caught up to Michelle, Rick and Melissa who had taken an hour early start. I didn't really think I'd see them. It was a pleasant surprise. At about mile 18, I passed Michelle S. ( also took early start) She said her knee was beginning to bother her. I kept plodding along, waiting for the hills to stop.

I think the last real hill was coming up alongside Cheney Stadium where the Tacoma Rainiers AAA team plays. There were a few other rollers, but I think that was the last. about 19.5, I think. Anyway, I started to fell fine on the flats and downs, but even a slight incline bothered my abductors and left hamstring. My uphill muscles were shot. I was able to comfortably hold a just under 10 minute pace so I was happy. I was very happy to start seeing the 23 and 24 mile markers. The last bit had no up hills and I was really looking forward to those downhill and flat miles to the finish.

I realized that the last .2 of a mile was not quite as evil as the Eugene Marathon, so I tried again to pick it up. I finished this tough course in 4:07:00 on my watch and 4:07:13 by the clock. Very satisfied with the time.

I headed straight to the medical tent for ice for my hamstring/abductor. I had them stretch me a bit, which caused my hamstring to cramp. Luckily the guy pushed on it and it didn't get too bad. I got Ice and went to find warm clothes.

Overall, it was a good race. Great people and nice weather, a bit too much wind, but the temp. was good. I am sure there will be some improvements for next year, but it will be a good event again.

Grace and Peace to you.