Sunday, September 23, 2007

Fully Recovered

Okay, so last Sunday was the 6 Summit adventure, with Michelle, Eric, Jamal, and Linda. You can read about it over on Eric or Michelle's blog. It was a fun 17 miles of up and down on trails. The last three miles were downhill. After a few other steep spots of trying to go slow and brake, Linda and I decided just to go and not try to brake so much. Well braking or not, my quads were quite sore for a few days.

3 to be exact. Monday- Wednesday it was difficult going down. Down stairs, down hill, squatting down, anything revolving around going down was tough. I did a bit of running on Tuesday and gave up for the bike instead. Thursday I was able to move without any grunting or other funny sounds while going downstairs so I went for another short run.

Michelle asked if I was up for a 10 miler on Saturday, she felt recovered from the trail run too. Of course I was, but I also knew I really needed a 20 miler. So I met Michelle, Rick, and Linda at 6:30am for a nice 10 miles. After coffee for about 45min. I went home and changed and ran another 10 miles. I have never split up mileage like that. I have heard some people say it doesn't matter if it is consecutive or not, that at least it was 20 miles in one day. I kinda feel like I cheated, like it has to be consecutive miles or it does not count (Rob, would you say something like that?). Well, I got it in and we will see if I ever split up miles like that again. It did seem to work for the time constraint I was in, so If I had to do it again, at least I know I can. we'll see how it goes after the marathon in a month. I would like to get some more long runs in and I may have to do it with split runs. I don't know if anyone else wants that many miles in the next couple of weeks. anyway....

I ran a super easy 3 miles this morning with my son along on his bike. It was what Michelle would call a "grind" run. It was tough and my legs felt heavy from the 20 miles yesterday. I felt super slow and like I was just plodding along. I was glad when it was over. The stretching afterwards felt great. I am not sore anywhere, but I discovered some new tight areas.
I was glad that my right IT band held up for the 20 miles. I was achy in the usual places, knees and hips, but nothing painful and today I feel fine.

I am looking forward to a day of rest tomorrow and then to get in 25-30 miles next week. Wish me luck!

Grace and Peace to you.

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Into The Groove

Annika's First Bus ride to School on first day of Kindergarten

I wasn't as hard as I thought to watch my youngest child begin school this week. She loves it. She looks forward to riding the bus to school and spending the morning with her teacher, Mrs. Garrett. They grow up so fast.

She also lost her first tooth this week. The tooth fairy brought a nice crisp one dollar bill! I t has been very exciting around our house!

Another big deal around here, is the Puyallup fair. The kids, get free tickets at school as do my husband and I as teachers. So we make at least one trip to the two week long fair. We really just go for the kids. I do love to spend several hours looking at all the exhibits, barns, hobbies, quilts etc... but the kids won't last and my husband grew up in the area and now would rather not go altogether.

It was a fun trip this year. The kids were great and we were there for about 3 hours. Michael, my almost 8 year old, loves to do the dunk tank. 5 balls for a dollar and on his 4th ball, he dunked the poor girl on the left side! He was thrilled. Daddy, the baseball coach was thrilled. It was great. After the rides we

worked off all the walking with Krusty Pups and scones.

It's a good thing that I'll be running 6 Summits tomorrow with Michelle and Eric to burn off all that Fair food! We even came home with a dozen fair scones! You just can't make them the same at home!

I am really looking forward to tomorrow's run, 17 mikes of hilly trails. Getting out into the woods of Tiger Mountain will be just the thing to start off the week and bring this week's running to a close. I am still struggling with a tight IT band, but it is less painful and only achy sometimes. I am having some issues with my left hip and the illiac crest. I continue Physical therapy and stretch, stretch, stretch.
I pray all is well with you!

Grace and Peace to you.

Saturday, September 8, 2007

short update

Tired. School started this week. Tired. Run. Tired. Achy IT Band. Ice. Did I say tired? Busy. Tired. Physical therapy. Tired and sleepy. Run. Spin class. Tired.
Theme for the week. Tired and sleepy. It is tough getting back into waking up at 5am and standing on your feet all day talking. I'll be in a rhythm by next week and fully adjusted.

Run Rob, Run. Rob is attempting the Plain 100 as I write. So send positive thoughts not to get lost and to fuel!

Grace and Peace to you.