Monday, January 29, 2007

Rest and Looking Ahead

Well, This weekend was a mixture of running and rest for me. Last Friday, I woke up feeling the onset of a cold. As it was Friday, and I had no sub-ready lesson plans, I decided I needed to tough it out and go to school. It was a good decision. Although, buy the end of the day I was dead tired. I went to bed at 8pm as I needed to get up at 5:15am to meet Michelle at Starbucks for our 10 miler and wanted to be rested. When I woke up I felt better than I had the day before, but still took some day cold medicine before leaving. I had a breakfast mishap before leaving. I was making a peanut butter and honey sandwich and I thought I would be smart to just put the honey on one side of the bread and then fold over the bread. As I went around the kitchen gathering Gatorade and other stuff, I unknowingly was spreading honey all over myself and the kitchen. It wasn't until I sat down at the table and noticed I was glistening from my hand to my shoes that I had gotten honey everywhere! I got a towel damp and tried to wipe it all off. I didn't have time to change, plus I would have woken everyone up rummaging around for clean clothes. When I got home later I realized I hadn't done a good job of cleaning up the floor as it was sticky all over!
I met Michelle and she let me know we needed to wait for Melissa too. It was rather cold and frosty out and I was wondering if we were up for a slip fest. I hoped that by the time we got out to point defiance it would be warm enough due it's close proximity to the water that we would not have to deal with ice. I was right, but we did have fog. We also met my good running partner Rick and another Michelle at the park and headed off. It was a good run. I felt fresh and strong. I couldv'e powered through. I am glad that I didn't suffer soreness after Capitol Peak. It makes me feel confident for this weekend's Pigtail's run. It also makes me feel I should let Michelle in on a secret I have. Michelle- I have a secret. I want to run 3 loops this weekend. I didn't want to tell you until later this week because I didn't want you to feel pressured to join me. I just feel like I can do it. So, if all goes well after two loops, I'm going around again. There, my secret is out. I feel better. :) Anyway, After Saturday's run, I had to take my daughter to 4 yr old gymnastics. She is soo cute! She loves to wear her leotard and run around jump and twirl and do whatever it is they are working on. After that, I was dead. the cold came back to haunt me. I took almost a two hour nap. I was exhausted. Sunday wasn't much better. My husband had a coaching clinic all day, so I played quiet games with the kids and tried to rest. I was so tired, not an ounce of energy. So I rested. I am a restless rester. I tried to rest, but then I'd remember the laundry, or the dishes to unload, or the bathrooms to be cleaned. By evening I was wiped out again and not looking forward to Monday morning and school. Again, I had no sub-ready lesson plans. It wouldn't be fair to the students anyway for me to be gone. It is finals week and we need to finish covering certain material and review before their last test. So, again I went to bed early and got up. I again felt better and made it through the day. I am not as tired as I though I would be, but still don't know if I'll make it out for a run. My husband, Paul, took Michael for them to get their haircut. I am waiting for them to come home, then I really have to decide. I'd like to get 3 or 4 miles in today. Perhaps I'll go to the Y and run at the track, or over to the high school and around their track.
I really can't wait for this weekend. My legs feel good and I want to tackle this challenge.
Just need to get over the cold!

Grace and Peace to you.

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Start of the end of semester crunch!

It's been a few days and I felt like I needed to write again. I ran about 5.5 miles on Monday and felt really good. Tuesday I was busy at school with students trying to retake tests before the end of the semester and missed my workout window. It's just about the end of the semester, Feb. 1 and I have all the crunch time kids who wait till the last minute to get caught up. For some it seems to take a long time to realize that it is faster just to do things as they are assigned instead of late and a bunch of assignments all at once. They are lucky I guess that I accept late work at reduced credit! Had the same Wednesday, but students were finished quicker and I was able to get to the Y in time for an hour long Spin class. I love those spinning classes. They are one tough workout. I find that running fitness doesn't help you endure a tough spin class, but spinning helps you endure a long or tough run. I also find that it is the only thing I can do to actually lose weight. Yesterday's class was pretty tough. I tried hard to make it even tougher. I wanted a good sweat and to feel exhausted when I was done. I made it about 13 miles on the little doodad thing that keeps track of your cadence, time and distance. I'd call it a bike computer like I have on my road bike but the instructors always call it something different. Anyway it was great, and I sure slept well. Today, I raced to pick up my son after school and to get home so I could get a run in before having to help with homework, make dinner and take my son to basketball practice. Okay, here's my whine for the day, my son, who is 7 and in 1st grade, has baseketball practice at 7:30pm!!! He is usually getting ready for bed at 7:30pm. I am told that the coaches get to choose the practice time. We've only had one practice and Friday morning was NOT fun. Hopefully tomorrow's wake up experience will be better. I was able to run 6ish miles. We live next to a high school, elementary school and sports complex with a trail linking them to a park with trails. If I go around both schools and do two laps of the park it is 6ish miles. I tried to do some intervals, I got about 4 in that were about 400 meters each. It was a good run. I'll take tomorrow off and then will run 10 hilly miles at Point Defiance with Michelle on Saturday. I'd really like to run on Sunday afternoon too, but my husband has a baseball coaching clinic at University of Washington. Maybe if he gets home early enough I'll be able to get out for a run.

I just finished showing the PG version of Glory to my US History students today. I never cease to be amazed at that movie. It gives me goose bumps every time. All of America needs to re-watch this film, just to be reminded at what our country was going through150 years ago and how they persevered and overcame such a huge struggle. The movie ends with these men giving all they had, all they are to the effort to take Fort Wagner, to help end a struggle that had been theirs for 250 years. Some died, some lived. Their efforts and sacrifice will not go unforgotten. Hopefully my students were impacted. I know I am, every time.

grace and peace.

Monday, January 22, 2007


Recovering from the Capitol Peak Fat Ass has not been too bad. The run was in itself a spectacular event. The trail was beautiful, snowy, icy and muddy. and due to the horrible "V" trench of mud near the end, I have only one remaining spot of soreness. The inside portion of my right ankle to my heel. I think it is from placing my foot down repeatedly at weird angles for 17 or so miles. It is not painful or difficult to walk. I pretty much just feel it when I stretch. I took Sunday off, and do plan to run a few miles today. The biggest thing in recovering was removing the tape from around my knees. You see in October of 2005, I had surgery for a torn Meniscus. 40% removed from the lateral side of my left knee. I spent a year in what was dubbed, "The Bionic knee" brace, a Breg brace designed to keep equal pressure on both sides of the knee. After I ran the Portland Marathon, this October in the thing, I said never again! So, I have started to tape my knee for runs longer than about 15 miles. I had been seeing a chiropractic sports physician because she practiced A.R.T or Active Release Therapy for what I thought was just IT issues but it turned out to be the meniscus. I also saw her for some other issues last summer for the same ART therapy ( Which is a miraculous treatment by the way). This time she used something new on me, Kinesio tape. It is a type of athletic tape that is thin and very pliable. It does not restrict movement the way regular athletic tape does, and it can be left on for 3-5 days to not only help support during activity, but to aid in recovery as well. So I went to take it off this morning which usually is not a big deal. Though for some reason I had the idea to use adhesive spray this time to see if it would help it stay on even longer. Well, yes it did, and as it seems some of my skin came off with it! Next time, I think I'll decline the use of the adhesive spray. If the tape is already meant to last 3-5 days, it does not need any help to stay longer!
It's time to think about what is coming up next. I skipped a 10 miler of our local resolution Run series for the fat ass, and the 15 miler is on Feb. 25th. Coming up sooner, I have signed up to run 2 loops of the Pigtails run. I think it is 19 miles. That is what Michelle has told me anyway. So more trails are in the future. I loved the two trail runs I have completed so far. One in August in hot desert weather, and one now in the winter with lots of snow!

I have been reading in Genesis about Joseph. Joseph was the beloved son of a man with many sons. Those sons tried to, and wanted to kill him, but instead sold him to be a slave. There are many lessons to be learned from Joseph, but for me it is perseverance and forgiveness. Joesph lived for many years as a slave and in prison. He was treated badly, yet he never complained and always looked for how God could use him positively in the situation. Which is my lesson. Not that I am in any bad situations, but that whatever is going on, to look for how I am supposed to be used for good in that situation. And second, to forgive. Joseph always forgave. In the end he welcomes his brothers into his riches and makes a place for them. He holds no grudges, nothing but love for his family. I want to be like that too. Whatever the circumstance, to be able to forgive and welcome those who may have hurt me. Today. I'll try to be a bit more like Joseph.

grace and peace to you.

Sunday, January 21, 2007

A Whole New World

This is a new world for me. I have visited many other blogs, but never thought I'd join the realm and become a blogger. I don't think I am eloquent, loquacious, a wordsmith or even on the side to reveal my inner being. But, I've been inspired by so many of you to venture into this new world, to ponder, to reflect, to reveal not only running but life itself. To Run the race of life and not grow weary, to venture onto the side roads, or trails as the case might be and see what lies ahead. To share life, to learn lessons and step into the vulnerable world of sharing, me, with you.
We'll see how it goes. I am always amazed at how people have time to blog. With a husband, two kids, a full time job, workouts and housekeeping how does one manage it? I'll give it my best shot. With faith, family and friends, I'll give it my best shot.

Until next time, grace and peace.