Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Pacific Rim 24 hour

Michelle and I made it. 100k plus 1.5 miles according to Mr. Garmin. The 1 mile loop is a tad long and over 40 miles you earn an extra mile or so.
It's hard to post a report after reading Michelle's very eloquent account of our time together.

It was a great drive down with Steve, Rob, Jamal, Michelle and I riding together in the Yeti and pulling the trailer. We got set up and ourselves ready to run. I tried to warm up my ankle with one of those therma-care wraps, but it just didn't warm up hot enough, but within a couple of miles my foot was feeling fine. By 30 miles though I knew something was wrong with my feet. Blisters were forming on the soles of my feet and around my toes. I discovered that taking my shoes and socks off and massaging with Vaseline felt wonderful and energizing and I was able to put my shoes and socks back on and continue running without problems. I repeated this at a few other rest breaks.
The day was beautiful and the company as well. I was joined by Michelle and Abi and Jamal, who's strategy was to go slow for several hours and then pick it up. We were joined by Jessica who ran 13 miles with us and then cooked fabulous pancakes and grilled cheese sandwiches for all of us and anyone who wanted them really. Thanks Jessica they were SOOOOO good.
I was feeling really good throughout the day, with only a couple of bouts of nausea. I fought it off with Orange ginger Nuun and made it through. I took Succeed S-Caps and Hammer Anti-Fatigue Caps which really do the trick. Other than being cold and having sore feet I felt great when we stopped at our 100k. I really recommend the anti-fatigue caps! Anyway I had a great time.
I was so happy to see Stan and Esther Holman at the race. Esther finished her first 50 miler looking strong and smiling! Way to go!
The people at these events are so awesome, truly welcoming and encouraging whatever their level. Thanks for taking me in to the community. It's really a family of sorts. We all have our ups and downs, our teasing of one another, our moments to carry one another and to lift one another up. Ultimately we cheer each other on and experience each other's success and/or failures without any true judgement. I love it. I can't wait to go back and do it again.

Grace and Peace to you