Monday, December 22, 2008

Pigtails frozen Flat A** and Life

Well, It has been a rough last few days. Not only with all the snow, missing school, holiday rush etc... but my father-in-law passed away on Thursday after a 2 year battle with esophageal cancer.
I made sure it was okay with my husband to run Pigtails with all the hullabaloo of planning and preparing for the memorial and graveside services. He assured me he wanted me to still run. It was good to be out on Saturday, my kind of peace. Bright, sunny, snowy, 26.2 miles and great friends. Sometimes it just helps to run.
Rob, Me and Steve nearing the finish. Rob needed lots of
"motivating" to make it to the end. Photo: Rich Walter

Today was the graveside service in a foot of snow. It was beautiful and peaceful. To me it offered a serene sense of calm. A stillness to reflect upon what we hold most dear... those we love. I was filled with awe watching my mother-in-law surrounded by her grandchildren. My daughter Annika on her left, 11 month old nephew PJ in her lap, my nephew Jacob to her right, and then my son Michael. She kept grabbing back for my 12 year old niece Emily's hand to be sure to include her too. Other family and friends surrounded the canopy. Baby PJ clapped, cooed and tried to reach out for the flowers. It appeared like he was waving goodbye to Grandpa. It was very sweet. My son Michael put his arm around my nephew when he became sad. Grandma hugged them all close. It was a beautiful display of unconditional love and support. Then we all went out for a big lunch together, just as my father-in-law would want. Just being together, enjoying one anothers company. Laughing and having a good time.
Tomorrow is the memorial and then we will focus on Christmas. It seems so far away after the other events of the last few days. I am not ready, but I never am.
My parents will try to come up from Portland if they can get out from all the snow, otherwise we will celebrate after we all thaw out. I hope they can make it, all I want is to be together with the ones I love. We all need to be reminded to appreciate one another and to remember to tell those we care about how much we love them.

I look forward to running more this break. I ran today in a foot plus of snow. It was like doing high knees training for over a mile until I could get onto trails where quads had been. It was a tough run, but very pretty. Coming up I will try to get to the First Call to Run and the Western Washington Fat ass. I'll have to run with the guys to be sure I keep up and make any cut-offs. I hope they don't mind me tagging along!

Well, I am off to read (my other escape) and finish my book- Brisinger... A good read.
Grace and Peace to you.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Secret is Out

My secret is out.

I have been called to a quest. The quest for Cascade. That's what I am calling it. I have felt compelled, drawn, called.... for the past few weeks to run the Cascade Crest 100 mile endurance run. I think I am crazy. Totally over the edge. But, totally willing to go for it. I am freaked out at the thought, but excited for the challenge.

First, I told Michelle that I was having crazy thoughts, that's it. She read my mind. She knew it was Cascade Crest 100. She told me she'd be my crew. Then we let Eric in on it and he said he'd pace me. I then asked Rob to also pace me. They'll each take 25 miles of the last 50. They'll use it for training for the Plain 100 a couple weeks later. This way they both get to be a part of the CCC without having to run the whole thing. Perfect for all of us.

So, the planning has begun. The mileage build has begun. The increased weight lifting has begun. It will be a long haul that my husband has given his blessing upon. He said he'd need reminders though. :) So all of your advice, comments, concerns and prayers are welcome for this crazy quest I am taking on. So, I will try to direct my posts to training an how it is going.

Coming up I have planned for December:
Lots of long runs
Pigtails Flat Ass 50k, Dec. 20th
Tiger Mountain Dumb Ass (half ass) Dec. 21st
Last Chance marathon Dec. 31st if they'll let me in, I am on the waiting list. If not, then, the New New Year's day marathon

Grace and Peace to you....I know I need it!