Tuesday, February 24, 2009

On the Run Again...Whew! Finally!

Well, I successfully completed the Yours Truly 50k on Sunday. I was having doubts earlier in the week that my ankle wouldn't hold up. I am still having some pain on the medial side and didn't know If I'd make it past 6miles (my previous longest run during recovery). Thanks to Michelle for letting me run with her even knowing I might not be able to go the whole distance! Thanks to Eric for being willing to come pick me up if I couldn't make it and for being great support along the course! Even two days later my foot feels fine. I am taking two days off to let the ankle have a good recovery and will hit the smooth and flat road surfaces again on Wednesday.
I really needed to get that 50k off my back. I have been feeling depressed about not being able to be out running and like I am losing fitness and things will just go downhill. I have been very good about continuing weight training and cardio on the stair climber and elliptical as well as aqua-jogging, but it's not the same as actually being out there running.
I was also pumped to finally see my name on the Cascade Crest entrants list. Makes it feel real. I am feeling better now too, with knowing I can still run ( on flat smooth surfaces anyway). I'll be rehabing my way to those rough and uneven trails in no time! Currently I am looking forward to the 6hour Fund Run and the Pacific Rim 24 hour with a goal of 100k+ running with Michelle again after our awesome 50 miler there last year.

My Quest for Cascade is back on! Whoo Hoo!
So, there's a quick update...gotta take care of the kids...Homework calls! :)

Grace and Peace to you