Saturday, November 20, 2010

Fallen, but not Forgotten Quadzilla

Fallen, But Not Forgotten Quadzilla

When I first decided to run the November quadzilla (4 marathons in 4 days) I figured it was going to be just for a birthday present to myself.  Something fun to do, a real challenge to tackle.  But as I began to really think about running four marathons in four days and over the Thanksgiving holiday, I began to realize that there was so much more to this endeavor.  First, Thanksgiving this year is also my birthday.  I am thankful not only for another year of life, but for the ability to run and run as much as I do. Thankful that God has blessed me with life and a family that supports and loves me. family that I get to love and be with everyday. Family that loves me even when I screw up. I realized that there are four families that do not get to have this experience with their whole family and that I need to cherish every moment I have with my family and every opportunity I have to run. It is truly a blessing to be thankful for.  Then I began to think about how others who might wish to be out running cannot for whatever reason.  Second, this weekend is also the one year anniversary of the shooting of four Lakewood police officers.  Now I did not know any of these officers personally, but was deeply moved, outraged, angered, and saddened by these events.  My husband grew up with in the same neighborhood, played sports with and went to school with Officer Ronnie Owens and one of my best friends and running partners works for the Lakewood police department.  My husband and I spent a very emotional day with the LPD at the public memorial for these officers and my husband also attended many remembrances and the funeral for officer Owens.  
   As so many felt at the time, I wanted to actually do something tangible about this horrific event.  I wanted people to value police officers and all they do, I wanted people to never forget what happened.  I organized the tying of blue ribbons over I-5 along the South Tacoma Way overpass, close to both the shooting and the Lakewood police department as a reminder to those who see them to never forget.
  I realized that I could use these four marathons as another way to remind people of these four wonderful officers and the sacrifice they and their families made.  That I can run and that they cannot.  I choose to run each marathon in memory of each fallen officer, to in some small way keep them in our memories.  Fallen, but not forgotten.
Thursday, November 25th Wattle Waddle Marathon In memory of Sergeant Mark Renninger
Friday, November 26th Wishbone Marathon in memory of officer Tina Griswold
Saturday, November 27th Ghost of Seattle Marathon in memory of Officer Ronnie Owens
Sunday, November 28th Seattle Marathon in memory of Officer Greg Richards